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We’re a family-owned and run business with over four decades of experience maintaining, installing, and repairing heating and cooling equipment in Westminster. We also conduct home HVAC inspections, indoor air quality tests, and have an emergency callout service covering five counties.

Read below to find out more about what we offer and how we can help you. Alternatively, send us a message or call us today at (720) 647-5099.


Westminster Heating and Cooling

Westminster’s average temperatures range from 34°F in winter to much higher in mid-summer. To reduce the risk of stressful emergency callouts and ensure year-round comfort, make sure your HVAC system is regularly maintained and running optimally at all times. Failing to do so risks a variety of costly problems, such as:

  • Damage to internal HVAC parts, such as a blower motor. Depending on the model and amount of work involved, replacing a component like this costs upwards of $500.
  • Increased energy bills from running high energy consuming devices, such as a portable AC, to combat warm spots indoors caused by poor HVAC airflow.
  • Leaks in ductwork, which increase energy bills by $300 annually. 
  • Fires triggered by defective electrical wiring or foreign objects lodged in your ductwork. According to the National Fire Protection Association, there were nearly 350,000 home fires from 2015 to 2019, causing $7.3 billion of damage. Plus, after a fire, the average annual cost of home insurance increases by 27%.

With natural gas heating bills rising over 25% from 2021 to 2022, optimizing and looking after your HVAC setup is an effective way to take control of your home finances and reduce the impact of any future energy price increases.


Westminster HVAC Services

With our 40+ years of assisting local homeowners and our team’s extensive skill set, we’re qualified to take on all types of HVAC maintenance, repair, and installation projects. Whether it’s troubleshooting an issue with a water-source heat pump or installing a small window-mounted AC, no job is too big or small for us.

Read below to learn more about our range of services:

Home Heating in Westminster

With home maintenance problems, few things are more irritating than an HVAC breakdown on a chilly winter day. Avoiding home heating issues is easy by regularly servicing and maintaining your setup before the season starts. We know skipping it is tempting, but it’s not worth it in the long run as you risk an expensive emergency callout. And, depending on which company you contact for help, there’s no guarantee a technician will be available immediately. Fortunately, we’re available 24/7/365 to assist with any HVAC emergency or project, ranging from water heater repair in Westminster to installing a furnace. We work with modern home heating technology too, such as solar-assisted heat pumps (SAHPs) and smart thermostats.

If you’re facing issues with your home heating equipment and are wondering what to do next, use our HVAC repair or replace quiz to determine whether replacing your setup is absolutely necessary. Installing new heating equipment and ductwork usually costs over $5,000, so taking our quiz could save you a significant amount of money.

Apart from purchasing a new unit or repairing your existing HVAC setup, there are numerous lower-cost ways to improve your home’s warmth and energy efficiency:

  • Create a customized heating-cooling schedule with a smart thermostat to ensure your furnace only runs during the hours you’re at home.
  • Clean your air filters regularly to prevent your system ‘short cycling.' This is when your heating equipment gets stuck in a loop of overheating, shutting down, and restarting.
  • Stop chilly drafts by plugging up cracks and gaps with weather-stripping, caulk, and insulation.
  • Allow solar heat to penetrate indoors by opening south-facing curtains on sunny days. Likewise, keep north-facing curtains closed as this is usually a home’s coldest outdoor space.
  • Use your ceiling fan’s reverse function to pull warm air trapped at ceiling height down to floor level.
  • Utilize any unused warm air by opening your kitchen or shower door when in use, which allows it to circulate around indoors easily.
  • Reduce heat loss by drawing your curtains after sundown. Thermal curtains are an option too, and they work as a noise reducer by absorbing sound waves.  
  • Use rugs or carpets to limit heat loss through your floors. Pair them with insulating rug pads, or even heated rug pads, to boost their performance even further.
  • Block your chimney to prevent drafts using a chimney plug or balloon.

Air Conditioning in Westminster

We provide services for air conditioning installation in Westminster, including maintenance and repair, for all makes and models of home cooling equipment. Our technicians are certified by NATE (North American Technician Excellence) and we’re an authorized dealer for Carrier.

Heat pumps are our specialty, too. We repair, install, and maintain all four types: air source, water source, geothermal, and hybrid. They reduce electricity use for heating by up 50%, so they’re a highly cost-effective cooling appliance. The national average cost for installing one is around $6,000. However, it’s a worthwhile investment as they transfer 300% more energy than they consume. By comparison, a high-quality gas furnace is 95% efficient. For effective, low-cost alternatives to installing new HVAC equipment, read our tips to keep your home cool.

Home Air Quality in Westminster

Indoor air quality directly affects your health. The ideal indoor relative humidity (RH) is 30 to 50%, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The effects of dry air (below 30% RH) on health are:

  • Nosebleeds
  • Sinusitis
  • Aggravation of bronchitis and asthma or other pre-existing respiratory conditions
  • Dry throat and skin

The health impacts of humid indoor air (above 60% RH) are significant as well:

  • Increased risk of bacterial or viral infection
  • Worsening of allergies caused by fungi and dust mite growth
  • Risk of contamination from ‘off-gassing’, which is when chemicals are released in vapor form due to reacting with moisture. Formaldehyde, used in engineered wood flooring, is one such example. In most cases, the effects of off-gassing in homes are minimal and usually only result in eye, skin, and throat irritation.

Dry and humid indoor air also affects your home’s surfaces, such as:

  • Flaking or bubbling paint/wallpaper.
  • Wood rot
  • Chipped plaster
  • Mold growth

You can eliminate the harmful effects of poor indoor air quality with regular HVAC maintenance, as well as using a humidifier/dehumidifier to improve the RH. Additional methods are outlined in our guide, How to Fix Dry Air in your Home.

The most important indoor air quality problem homeowners should protect themselves against is carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. It causes more than 50,000 emergency department visits and 400 deaths per year. December to February presents the highest risk, as people tend to close vents, doors, and windows to retain warmth—1/3 of these deaths occur during winter months. Our rundown of the signs and symptoms of CO poisoning is worth reading, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the risks.

Apart from CO and RH levels, other factors affecting indoor air quality include:

  • Radon
  • Asbestos
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Combustive elements, such as burned wood particles or tobacco smoke
  • Allergens, bacteria, and mold

If you’re concerned about your home’s air quality, we offer whole-home tests for the above substances, including CO and RH levels. We also install humidifier/dehumidifier units and CO detectors and provide free advice on indoor air quality.

Westminster Ductless Heating and Cooling 

Is there an area of your home that’s too small to fit traditional bulky ductwork, like a garage or small basement? If so, a ductless heat and cooling setup is the perfect solution as they’re duct-free and more compact. Converting spaces like these into a livable room adds $10,000 on average to your home’s resale value. It only costs as little as $5,000 too, so you’ll easily recoup the costs if you decide to sell your house. Other benefits of ductless include:

  • Quick installation (usually 1–2 days) and easy maintenance as there’s no ductwork to deal with.
  • Good indoor air quality as ductless systems use high-quality air filters.
  • Increased energy efficiency because ductless HVAC runs at approximately 2,000 watts per hour, compared to ducted versions which use 3,000 to 3,500 watts per hour.

The average age of Westminster real estate is 33 years old. The American Society of Home Inspectors estimates that properties older than 30 years cost 3% of their original purchase price to maintain per year. If your property cost $50,000 when it was built, then you can expect maintenance costs of $1,500 annually. In contrast, properties less than 10 years old typically have maintenance costs of 1% of the purchase price.

Whatever the age of your home, installing ductless HVAC is a reliable way to reduce the cost of running a home, as they consume 30% fewer watts per hour (compared to ducted setups). In 2020, the average US home used 10,715 kilowatt-hours (kWh) and the average Colorado electricity cost was 12.75¢/kWh, so a ductless system will save you hundreds of dollars each year.

Wondering if your home is ready to go duct-free? Read our post, which explains which homes are most suitable for ductless HVAC. We offer a full range of ductless HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance services, too. Contact us to discuss your options!

Ductwork Repair in Westminster

We repair all types and models of air ventilation and transmission components, ranging from flexible and round ducts to fittings and duct seals. The techniques we use to improve and repair ductwork include:

  • Duct cleaning to reduce airborne contaminants, such as VOCs and allergens, and to remove odors and improve airflow
  • Sealing ductwork with sealant or aluminum foil tape
  • Balancing airflow by installing transfer grilles or jumper ducts
  • Insulating unconditioned spaces, such as attics, to improve HVAC performance
  • Performing airflow tests and checking for duct leaks

Is your home’s ductwork in good condition? Here are the signs of duct leaks:

  • Large amounts of indoor dust
  • Fumes or odors wafting from the ground floor (or the basement) into rooms
  • Cold or hot spots on drywall
  • Weak airflow
  • Uneven room temperatures
  • Bent, rusted, or crushed ductwork
  • Above average energy bills
  • Unusual ductwork noises
  • Defective seals

Westminster Home HVAC Inspections

Our Westminster home HVAC inspections take a thorough look at the condition of your HVAC system. Examples of what we check and do include:

  • Thermostat calibration
  • Cleaning the condensate drain and evaporator coil
  • Coolant pressure and level checks
  • Inspecting and cleaning the fan motor, blades, and condenser
  • Removing dust and dirt from furnace parts
  • Inspecting smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for safe functioning
  • Ensuring there are no blockages in filters, vents, flues, and ducts
  • Checking the electrical system, such as the relays, contacts, wires, and capacitors

Heating and cooling equipment gets the heaviest use in the summer and winter, so we recommend you conduct an inspection before the start of the season. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

If you’re buying or selling a property, we also provide a full HVAC inspection service which takes a broader look at the heating and cooling appliances installed, as well as the property’s condition. Checks look for:

  • Roof leaks
  • Insulation integrity and suitability
  • Clogged plumbing
  • Signs of damp or mold

It’s worthwhile investing in a full pre-purchase inspection, as it usually costs less than $500 and ensures any costly faults are detected before you close on a deal. Our guide, Why You Need an HVAC Inspection, explains the process fully.


Top HVAC Company in Westminster

After 40+ years assisting Westminster homeowners, we’ve become one of the town’s most experienced and respected HVAC companies. Here’s what a few of our customers have to say:

  • “This is our second AC install with Ultimate. The second time was just as good as the first. The crew was very professional and personable from the moment they arrived. They did a great installation, explained everything clearly, and cleaned up their work area very well.” — Duane G (Yelp)
  • “This is the third time that I've had Ultimate Heating to my house to correct problems created by the original installers. Ultimate technicians are very knowledgeable, arrive on time, and complete the work in a very professional manner. I highly recommend them for any heating and/or AC repair.” — Richard C. (Angi)
  • “I had a great experience with Ultimate! We are having issues with our AC unit, and they arrived the next day to inspect. Suffice it to say that our unit is incredibly old, and the associate was very honest in his assessment. We decided to replace the unit and he worked with our budget to find a great fit. The installers came out the next day!” — Joshua G. (Google).

HVAC Experience and Quality

Ultimate Heating & Cooling’s technicians are certified by NATE, which means they’re regularly and rigorously trained in operating, installing, and maintaining all makes and types of HVAC equipment, as well as newly emerging technologies. As a company, we’re fully insured and licensed and are:

Learn more about our company values and service aims via our one-minute promo video below:


We Know The Westminster Area

We’ve worked in the Westminster area for decades, so we understand the requirements of local homeowners. In addition to Adams and Jefferson counties, we service homes and businesses in three other areas: Arapahoe, Denver, and Douglas. Whatever type of HVAC equipment you have, our team of experienced technicians is ready to tackle any installation, repair, or maintenance project. We deal with Westminster’s new constructions too, ranging from starter homes to commercial properties, and know the best HVAC options for old homes.

For further reading and advice on HVAC in Westminster, read our posts:

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and book an appointment!

Westminster HVAC Customer Support

Got an HVAC emergency in Westminster? We’re here for you 24/7/365. Call us at (720) 647-5099, tell us what the problem is, and we’ll give you a solution (for free) in less than 5 minutes. If we can’t help over the phone, then we’ll dispatch one of our technicians, who offer free estimates on equipment replacements. Learn more about what our in-house HVAC specialists can do for you by reading our blog: How an HVAC Engineer Can Help Your Denver Home.

Our technicians always follow the Manual JSD process when suggesting HVAC equipment upgrades. Manual JSD is a protocol established by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) to ensure only the most optimal and appropriately sized heating and cooling equipment is installed. Our Manual JSD Services overview takes a deeper look at how it works and the benefits.

For discounts, check out our promotions page where we have rebates on new equipment and repair offers. Financing options are available too, so you can spread out the cost of payment. Further savings are available via our three annual maintenance plans. Annual prices start at $125 and include the following checks and tasks:

  • Electrical wire condition
  • Cycle furnace on and off from the thermostat
  • Thermocouple or flame sensor check
  • Dust and debris removal from internal unit(s)
  • Visual furnace inspection
  • Blower motor shaft integrity
  • Inducer motor condition and port clean
  • Ignitor condition check
  • Flue slope and corrosion check
  • Filter replacement
  • Safety component check
  • Blower motor amp draw check
  • Induced draft motor amp draw check

Whether you own or rent a home, looking after it is challenging and stressful at times. With our team’s advice, care, and expertise, you can count on us to make HVAC maintenance easy and stress-free. For questions, or to sign up for a maintenance plan, call us at (720) 647-5099 or send us a message.

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