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The Best HVAC Company in Sheridan, CO

Ultimate Heating & Cooling has been serving
the Denver Metro Area for over 40 years.

We’ve served Sheridan homeowners as their trusted, family-owned HVAC company for over 40 years. Our experienced technicians are ready to install, service, and maintain all types of HVAC equipment so that your home and family stay comfortable throughout the year.


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No matter the make or model, we can fix it. Call now if you need help with repairs!



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We only install the best systems, guaranteed to be cost-effective and energy efficient.

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Lengthen Your System's Life

We provide thorough equipment checks and maintenance to make your system last longer.

You’re in good company if you’re seeking HVAC services since it’s the third most commonly requested home repair after gardening and pest control, according to a Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI) study of 6000+ homeowners. Our NATE-certified technicians are knowledgeable in servicing heating equipment like boilers and furnaces to cooling equipment (and everything in between). Certification by the North American Technician Excellence (NATE) ensures that you’ll receive the highest quality, timeliness, and workmanship for your HVAC system. 

There are several additional benefits to working with NATE-certified technicians, who are:

  • Regularly trained in-house to maintain sharp skills, often leading to fewer callbacks since jobs are completed correctly the first time
  • Experts in emerging HVAC technologies and new products like wi-fi thermostats
  • Held to high standards so your projects are completed efficiently with the best service possible

Checking for NATE-certification is just one aspect of finding the best HVAC company for your needs in the Sheridan area. Read our Questions to Ask an HVAC Company for other tips on how to select the right HVAC partner!

Download the Questions to Ask Your HVAC Company

Sheridan Heating and Cooling

The temperatures year-round in Sheridan, CO fluctuate greatly from 23°F to 88°F on average. Plus, the weather can change on a dime from day to day, which is why you should feel secure that your HVAC system is working properly to keep you comfortable inside regardless of the weather. Regular HVAC maintenance is key to a smooth-functioning heating and cooling system. Although some homeowners opt out of regular maintenance, it’s the best thing we can recommend for your HVAC system because:

  • Faulty electrical wiring or foreign objects lodged in your ductwork, like pieces of plastic, put you at risk for fires
  • Drafts and leaks cost an extra $300 on average per year according to the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, plus spot heating or cooling appliances like space heaters or fans are additional expenses
  • Part failures can lead to more difficult and expensive repairs, like an overheated blower motor which can cause melted casings and a cracked heat exchanger
  • An unreliable HVAC system can contribute to health issues from mold growth, dampness, and allergens

Get in touch with our team today to put your mind at ease and avoid these risks within your home.

Sheridan HVAC Services

Whether you need an entire furnace replacement or an air filter change, we’re here to support your large or small HVAC needs in Sheridan. Continue reading for a list of our commonly-provided services.

Home Heating in Sheridan

Heating system breakdowns often occur during the change of seasons when the system hasn’t been used for a while. Unfortunately, this is very inconvenient since homeowners then have to struggle with the cold and find other ways to stay warm. Regular maintenance spots potential problems before they occur so the transition between seasons is smooth. 

Four season through home window

We offer maintenance plans to check your heating system year-round and we are also available for HVAC emergencies around the clock. Water heaters, boilers, heat pumps, and furnaces are all included in our area of expertise for heating systems. Not sure whether you just need a repair or an entire replacement? Take our Repair or Replace Quiz to learn more about the condition of your heating system. The average cost for an HVAC replacement is $7,000 so the more information you have to be prepared and potentially save the investment is worth it.

Aside from your HVAC system, here are some ideas on how to easily increase the warmth of your home:

  • Use rugs or carpeting to better insulate your floor
  • Weather-strip your doors and windows to block drafts from entering
  • Put your ceiling fans in reverse to pull the warm air from the ceiling downward
  • Purchase thermal curtains to help keep warm air in and block cold air from outside overnight
  • Use a chimney balloon to close off your chimney from drafts
  • Open doors from the kitchen and bathroom to allow heat from the stove and steam from the shower to warm other rooms
  • Use a smart thermostat to set a heating schedule that follows your routine efficiently so you have heat when you need it most
  • Making sure your air filters are clean to prevent ‘short-cycling,’ when your heating system is in a loop of stopping and restarting due to overheating

Home Cooling in Sheridan

The seven most popular types of home cooling in Sheridan are:

  • Central air conditioners
  • Window-mounted air conditioners
  • Wall-mounted air conditioners
  • Floor-mounted air conditioners
  • Ductless mini-splits
  • Evaporative cooling systems
  • Heat pumps

We provide air conditioning installation in Sheridan along with any maintenance or repair. In addition to our NATE-certified technicians, we are also an authorized dealer for Carrier, which is a top brand for HVAC equipment. However, regardless of the brand, age, or condition of your cooling system, we can help.

Heat pumps are a popular choice around Sheridan since they can reduce your energy usage by 50%. Learn more about heat pumps in our blog and see if one of the four types—air-to-air, geothermal, water source, or hybrid—is right for your home.

Home Ductless Heating and Cooling

If you have a space that isn’t currently set up with HVAC, such as a detached garage or attic, ductless heating and cooling is a great option since there’s no space needed for ducts. Oftentimes, these areas would be better used as a workshop or craft room, but the lack of space for ducts requires an alternative. Instead of ducts, an outdoor compressor and indoor air-handling unit are connected via electrical wires, a refrigerant pipe, and a drain line. Installation just takes one or two days and there’s just a 3-inch hole that’s needed to run the lines as opposed to tearing out walls for ducts. We offer consultations for ductless heating and cooling so you can find out of this is the right option for you. 

Attic converted to living room

Converting a space such as a detached garage into a livable area can add $10,000 to your home’s resale value according to a 2020 study by HomeLight. Plus, you’ll get more use out of it since it won’t be freezing or too hot depending on the season. Due to how a ductless setup can fit in small spaces, it’s especially appropriate for older homes. Older homes typically don’t have space for traditional ducts and cost more to maintain regularly. Ductless HVAC uses 30% fewer watts per hour than ducted, so you’ll recoup your installation costs. 

Interested in whether your home could be a good fit for ductless heating and cooling? Read our guide on the best homes for ductless HVAC.

Ductwork Repair Sheridan

ENERGY STAR estimates that 20–30% of duct air is lost due to leaks, which is why ductwork repair is important for your energy bill. Your Sheridan home might need duct repair if you notice:

  • An abnormal amount of indoor dust
  • Hot or cold spots in rooms
  • Weak airflow
  • Unusual clanking or buzzing noises
  • Higher than your normal energy bills
  • Fumes wafting up from the basement to other rooms

We repair a wide range of air transmission parts from rigid rectangular ducts to flexible round ducts. Our services include:

  • Cleaning ducts to remove odors and harmful contaminants
  • Performing leak checks and airflow tests
  • Patching leaks and restoring ductwork seals
  • Installing jumper ducts or transfer grilles to balance airflow
  • Adding insulation to under-used spaces to boost HVAC performance, such as garages and attics

Clean ductwork improves the overall health of your home since airborne allergens are removed and airflow is optimized. Contact us today for duct repair and cleaning.

Home Air Quality in Sheridan

Getting your ducts cleaned is just one way to improve the air quality in your home. In addition to the circulation of allergens, the air humidity and the bacteria present are important factors to consider.

Dry air can negatively impact the people within your home and also your home itself. People can suffer from chapped lips, flaky skin, nosebleeds, dry throats, and sinusitis if exposed to dry air for too long. Dry air can also chip wall paint, damage furniture, and cause surfaces to peel. The high altitude of Colorado makes the effects of dry air especially noticeable in the winter months, so read our blog ​​to learn how to combat dry air in winter

Unfortunately, Colorado homes are susceptible to carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning which can lead to death if not caught in time. Over one-third of CO poisoning deaths occur from December to February when ventilation sources like windows are closed to retain heat. Find out more about the causes, symptoms, and how to protect yourself and loved ones from CO poisoning in our guide.

We are your one-stop shop for improving your home’s air quality. Our technicians:

  • Clean out ductwork
  • Install humidifiers and dehumidifiers
  • Install carbon monoxide (CO) detectors
  • Conduct air quality tests for radon, asbestos, bacteria and mold, allergens, combustive elements, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

Send us a message to stop suffering from poor air quality today.

Sheridan Home HVAC Inspections

Performing an HVAC inspection before buying or selling a home can save you from expensive surprises later. The HVAC inspection takes a few hours and typically costs less than $500 to give you an in-depth report on the health of the HVAC system. Considering that HVAC equipment is one of the most costly appliances to replace, it’s well worth it to get it checked by a professional.

We also provide seasonal and annual HVAC inspections to set you up for any upcoming changes in weather. It’s best to schedule an inspection before the start of winter or summer since these are when HVAC systems are used the most. These checkups include:

  • Testing any smoke and CO detectors to make sure they’re working
  • Checking that ducts, vents, filters, flues, and furnace parts are in good working condition and there aren’t any blockages
  • Using a multimeter to test the electrical resistance of the ignitor switch
  • Looking for leaks, poor insulation, or other issues that would negatively impact your HVAC system’s performance

Learn more about the benefits of home HVAC inspections in our blog.

Schedule a Home HVAC Inspection


Top HVAC Company in Denver

Over the last 40 years we’ve become one of Sheridan’s most trusted HVAC partners, servicing countless homes and businesses. Here’s a snapshot of what our clients say about us:

  • “I've used these guys multiple times for HVAC and plumbing repairs. They're professional, friendly, do great work, and always clean up after themselves. A++” — Jeff
  • “We were receiving an error message on our unit and were concerned about damage to our system. Kyle was on time for our appointment and educated us on what the alert was about and provided us with an update on more appropriate filters for our unit to reduce overworking and increase the longevity of the system. We are really appreciative of his explanations and understanding of what the alerts meant. It was very easy to set up an appointment. We will use you guys again!” — Kimberly
  • “I have been using Ultimate for over 10 years for our rental properties. They are great to work with, easy to communicate with, and they get the job done. Thank you to all your team. Kyle has been our tech almost always, thank you for the friendly service.” — Rosie

Read hundreds of reviews on Yelp (4.5*), Google (4.8*), and Angi (4.8*).

HVAC Experience and Quality

Feel confident in choosing Ultimate Heating and Cooling for your HVAC needs:

Watch our mission, values, and top-quality service in action:

We Know the Sheridan Area

After operating in Sheridan for over four decades, we understand the unique needs of Sheridan homeowners. We service a total of five counties: Adams, Arapahoe, Denver, Douglas, and Jefferson. Check out Sheridan’s Most Popular Home HVAC Systems, The Most Common Local Home HVAC Problem, and Energy Efficient Residential HVAC Design.

In addition to routine maintenance, we install HVAC on new constructions and replace HVAC in older homes. Don’t hesitate to contact our team for recommendations, quotes, or servicing of your HVAC system.

Sheridan HVAC Customer Support

If you’re having a heating or cooling emergency, call our team at (303) 289-2070 for a quick and free solution in under 5 minutes. If the problem isn’t solvable over the phone, a technician visit is $69 for the first 30 minutes. 

We offer estimates for equipment replacements for free and have an in-house HVAC engineer to design the best system for you. One of the main benefits of an in-house engineer is that we follow a manual JSD process that accurately sizes HVAC components for your home. With an HVAC system that isn’t too big or small, you won’t sacrifice comfort or overpay on your energy bills. The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) set forth the JSD protocol and we strictly adhere to it while others may outsource design and compliance.

We have a few methods to save money in your wallet as well. Our promotions page highlights savings on repair offers, rebates, and equipment discounts. Take advantage of our financing solutions so you don’t break the bank upfront. Lastly, for long-term savings, check out our annual HVAC maintenance plans. Starting at $125, we’ll check the function, condition, and safety of key HVAC components like ignitors, flues, motor blowers, electrical wires, and more.

Message us to get started! We’d love to be your chosen HVAC partner.

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