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Ultimate Plumbing Services

Ultimate Heating & Cooling, Inc. creates comfortable homes
in the Denver Metro Area.

Ultimate is excited to provide Denver Metro homeowners with more home care services than ever before with the addition of our Plumbing and Electrical divisions! We provide you the same timely, professional, and quality service that you’ve come to expect with our decades of experience, now including repairs, maintenance, and installation for your plumbing needs. Reach out to our team today to get your home back to its most comfortable state.


Our Services




Any Make Or Model

No matter the make or model, we can fix it. Call now if you need help with repairs!



Only Quality Systems

We only install the best systems, guaranteed to be cost-effective and energy efficient.

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Lengthen Your System's Life

We provide thorough equipment checks and maintenance to make your system last longer.



Ultimate Plumbing Services:

Water Heaters

Water heaters are essential to your family’s comfort during their daily routines. Your home's water heater allows you to wash your hands in warm water, take hot showers, and do any other warm-water activity. This large, cylindrical piece of equipment is typically found in your basement or utility room, using natural gas, fuel oil, propane, or electricity to heat the water held within its storage tank.

Schedule a water heater maintenance or service with one of our plumbers to keep this important system running efficiently throughout the year and avoid troublesome breakdowns. Denver winters can reach well below freezing, so make sure your water heater works when you need it most.



Ultimate Plumbing Services:

On Demand Hot Water

If you’re not getting hot water fast enough, consider an on-demand (also known as a “tankless”) water heater! Unlike a tank water heater, tankless water heaters do not have a reserve of heated water stored for your use. Instead, they heat water through the unit through a heat exchanger whenever you require warm water. The roughly 2ft by 1ft unit saves homeowners immense space and mounts on the wall in small areas.

The Department of Energy estimates that homes using 41 gallons or less of hot water daily can see 24%-34% better efficiency than storage tank water heaters. In contrast, 86-gallon usage per day can see 8%-14% improved efficiency. Contact us for a consultation to see if a tankless water heater makes sense for your home! 



Ultimate Plumbing Services:

Water Leaks

Water leaks, although seemingly a minor issue, can cause massive damage to your home and family, depending on the location. Continual exposure to water can warp surfaces, corrode plumbing, collapse walls, and attack structural integrity. More importantly, stagnant water compromises indoor air quality, leading to mold growth and respiratory diseases such as asthma, rashes, and coughing in your loved ones.

Don’t hesitate to address any water leaks! We provide upfront pricing before performing any water leak repairs. If your home is in a 35-mile radius of our main office in Commerce City, reach out today. We’ve served the Denver Metro Area for over two decades and know the unique needs of local homes.



Ultimate Plumbing Services:

Kitchen/Bath Faucet Repair and Replacement

Our plumbing services wouldn’t be complete without—that’s right—the kitchen sink! Whether it’s a fixture in the kitchen or bathroom, we repair and replace it all: garbage disposals, tubs, toilets, sinks, and more. Don’t let another day go by where something isn’t working or looking quite right. Get it off your plate and clear your headspace by contacting our team to address it immediately.

As part of our service, we can also provide recommendations for all of your electrical and HVAC needs, especially on major repairs where a second opinion (free of charge from our Ultimate team) could save you money and stress. Check out our other freebies, promotions, and discounts to keep even more money in your wallet.



Ultimate Plumbing Services:

Toilet Leak Repair

We’ve all been there when the toilet isn’t running properly. Let our team diagnose, make recommendations, and perform the necessary fix so you can return to your regular routine. In this case, we'll determine if the problem can be fixed with a simple repair or if a replacement is more appropriate. If the issue is with the plumbing, we'll investigate it further.

Depending on your toilet's age, more water-efficient models could be available. Home energy efficiency is one of our specialties, which we support with our HVAC, electrical, and plumbing options. Contact us today to learn more about smart thermostats, solar panels, electric HVAC units, and more.



Ultimate Plumbing Services:

Water Purification

A clean water supply is non-negotiable for your Denver home. Compromised water hosts a range of health risks stemming from bacteria that can grow in your pipes, enter your community water supply, or come through a contaminated private well source. Private well owners are responsible for their own water testing since the EPA only regulates public drinking water supplies. Even then, fertilizers, wildlife, nearby industrial animal farms, and more can put your water at risk. Over half of Colorado homes have radon levels higher than the EPA-recommended amounts, which can also negatively affect water sources. Ease your mind with one of our water tests! Set up an appointment today to receive water filtration options and be confident in your home’s water condition.

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