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Should I repair or replace my AC or furnace?

HVAC troubles are frustrating. While repairs might be cost-effective right now, they do add up over time. Find out whether you should repair or replace your AC or furnace with our quiz below!

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couple pondering ac furnace

How old is your
AC or furnace?

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Pro Tip: Preventative maintenance can extend the life of your AC and furnace!

old furnace ac units

How much money have you spent on AC/furnace maintenance or repairs over the last year?

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Pro Tip: Simple DIY maintenance like regularly changing filters and clearing the space around your unit can help you save money!

technician doing hvac repairs

Do you regularly
maintain your unit?

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Pro Tip: Regular maintenance can significantly increase the lifespan of your unit!

technician repairs ac unit

Are some rooms in your home often too hot or too cold?

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Pro Tip: Check your room’s weather stripping to make sure there are no leaks!

holding tablet

Does your home have
excessive dust?

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Pro Tip: Indoor air quality products and upgrading to newer HVAC units can drastically improve your indoor air quality!

broom sweeping dust

Are your energy bills

Step 6 of 8

Pro Tip: Did you know that heating and cooling systems make up 50% of your electricity bill?

changing the AC thermostat

Does your home have
humidity problems?

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Pro Tip: Vent fans and house plants can help control the humidity in your home!

AC and humidity

Is your HVAC system
too noisy?

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Pro Tip: Noise blankets and noise barriers can help quiet your system!

technician working on AC repairs

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couple pondering AC furnace repair