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Ultimate Heating & Cooling, Inc. Maintenance Program

Avoid frustration by becoming a member of our Ultimate Maintenance Program. Enrollment requires a *$65.00 one time fee per year.
*Includes one Diagnostic Fee

Becoming a member entitles you to multiple benefits.

  • Priority Scheduling
  • No Holiday, weekend or after hour rates
  • 5% off new equipment- when replacing equipment that is listed on current membership.
  • Receive reminders to call and schedule your maintenance.
  • One free diagnostic charge valued at $69.00(Cannot be used on an after-hour or holiday calls)
  • New filter mailed directly to you every 90 days (Set up on autopay; $15-$25)

10% off total ticket on every ticket

Ultimate Maintenance Program Service Prices

$280.00 – Furnace & Air Conditioner
$355.00 – Furnace, Air Conditioner & Humidifier
$385.00 – Evaporative Cooler Start Up & Shut down
$555.00 – Furnace, Air Conditioner, Humidifier & EAC

*Add $100 for Steam Canister
*Each Service Listed is Once Per Year

$140.00 – Service for Furnace or Heat Pump

Requires: Is system operational before the start of service?
Temperature must be above 45 degrees to service The Heat Pump.


  • Visually Inspect Furnace
  • Clean all dust and debris out of the unit
  • Clean flame sensor or Thermocouple
  • Inspect all wiring for loose connections and frays
  • Check condition of ignitor
  • Check flue for proper slope and any corrosion
  • Check Inducer Motor and clean all ports
  • Check Blower Motor for loose shaft
  • Replace Filter in unit
  • Cycle furnace on from Thermostat
  • Check Amp draw at Induced Draft Motor
  • Check Amp draw for Blower Motor
  • Check all Safety Components
  • Cycle Furnace off at Thermostat

$140.00 – Service for Air Conditioning

Requires: Is system operational before the start of service?
Temperature must be above 70 degrees to service AC.


  • Visually Inspect AC
  • Replace Filter
  • Inspect all wiring for loose connections and frays
  • Check Contactor
  • Check Capacitor
  • Check level of the unit
  • Check High/Low Pressure Cut Outs
  • Wash Outdoor Unit and clean off dirt and debris
  • Cycle system on from thermostat
  • Amp Motor
  • Amp Compressor
  • Check Charge
  • Check Air Flow
  • Check the line set

$100.00 – Service for Humidifier (Price shown for standard humidifier only)


  • Wipe scale residue off all parts as needed
  • Check drain for proper flow
  • Pierce solenoid to allow max water flow
  • Check unit for proper operation
  • Install New Humidifier Pad

$200.00 – Service for Electronic Air Cleaners (EAC)


  • Clean all filters in unit
  • Check all filters for no damage
  • Wipe down inside of filter rack
  • Check unit for proper operation

*Service does not include Media Filters for Air Purification Units

$385.00 – Both services (Start Up/Shut Down) for Evaporative Cooler

$220.00 – Summer/Start Up


  • Uncover unit and ensure homeowner receives the cover (If provided)
  • Connect all water lines and check for leaks
  • Clean drain pan
  • Fill drain pan and check float for proper water levels
  • Oil motor and all bearings (if needed)
  • Visually inspect belt for blower motor for any frays or tears
  • Attach belt and check for proper tension
  • Open all vents inside of house
  • Check all drain plugs and wiring
  • Ensure water pump is operating and supplying all tubes evenly
  • Check system controls; includes testing high and low speed, pump only, and fan only settings

$165.00 – Winter/Shut Down


  • Disconnect water lines and blow out
  • Drain Water from pan
  • Clean out drain pan
  • Disconnect belt from blower wheel
  • Unplug motor and pump
  • Install cover (if provided by homeowner)
  • Close all vents inside of house


An additional $80.00 will be added if an additional technician is needed.
Any parts and labor required for repairs are not covered in the basic price of the maintenance program.
An additional $60.00 will be added if a ladder over 24ft is required.

Filter Add-On Information:

As a member of our Ultimate Maintenance Program, we’ll mail a filter (or two!) for your furnace right to your home. This service is set up on auto-pay and you may cancel 30 days prior to your next filter being shipped.

Pricing structure:

  • $15 for one filter or $20 for two filters, or
  • $20 for one upgraded filter or $25 for two upgraded filters

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