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Cold weather usually brings dry air at home because cold air retains less moisture than warm air. How dry (or moist) an indoor space feels depends on the relative humidity, which measures how much water vapor is in the air.

Heat pumps are an energy-efficient alternative to traditional gas-powered furnaces. There are four main types of heat pumps that operate differently due to how they collect heat: water, air, geothermal, and hybrid. Here’s a look at how each type of heat pump works in winter:


The coldest month in the Denver metro area is January when temperatures reach 15.2°F overnight on average. If you don't have a furnace or boiler in your home, chances are you have a heat pump that provides both heating in winter and cooling in summer. Heat pumps require specific care during winter...

When the nights close in and the temperature drops, it's tempting to skip preparing your home for the winter. If you choose to slack off, you're leaving yourself wide open to mid-winter HVAC equipment breakdowns, expensive repairs around the house, and needless stress for you and your family....

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