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Out of all the appliances in your home, HVAC systems cost the most to replace. According to Angi, homeowners spend $7,500 to upgrade their HVAC on average, but the price can reach over $12,500.

You’re lucky if you’ve never had an HVAC problem before—each year nearly 25% of homeowners need their heating and cooling appliances repaired. However, it’s not surprising repairs are so common, as less than 50% service their HVAC system annually. Considering there are 110 million US households...

We've all been there: You notice that it's really started to warm up inside your home, so you check the thermostat. It looks like it's working fine, but you adjust it anyway, turning it down, then up, then back down again to see if that will do the trick. It doesn't. The air coming out of your...

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