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Meet our Energy Expert!

by Carrie / July 11, 2016

In anticipation of the adoption of the 2015 building codes we, at Ultimate Heating & Cooling, are thrilled to announce that we are able to serve all of your needs for compliance with the new codes. This includes requirements for ACCA-approved HVAC system load calculations, equipment selection, and duct design.  Additionally, we now have the ability to perform and provide you the documentation required for the building shell air leakage testing and duct system leakage testing, when necessary.

We would like to introduce to you our new in house energy expert and HVAC system designer, Nathan Perney.  Nathan comes to us with a strong building science, architectural engineering, and contracting background.  He has been performing residential energy audits and HVAC work for over five years and un-like many energy auditors he has spent most of this time actually performing many of the energy retrofits recommended in the energy audits.  Because of this more in depth involvement with the home performance retrofit process, he can give you valuable insight into home performance and the differences between old homes and new code requirements.   This can help you and your client protect the home in terms of building durability issues, and in the process make a healthier, safer, more comfortable place to live.

As you may know one of the biggest changes in the 2015 building code is the building tightness threshold.  Getting buildings tight enough to pass the new code will be difficult, and brings up issues that never existed in the past.  Not only are building going to be required to be much tighter we now have the responsibility to ventilate properly. A poorly ventilated building that has been built tight must be vented well in order to preserve the integrity of the structure and maintain a healthy living space. In conjunction to having the ability to do load calculations, duct designs and blower door testing, Ultimate Heating & Cooling can coach your installation crews on how to achieve the aggressive air sealing requirements of the new code.  Nathan’s extensive experience in air sealing and venting existing buildings can be a useful tool to get you through the tricky process of getting a home very tight and venting correctly. Stay tuned for details on our new Residential Code Compliance Test and what it can do for you!

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Annual HVAC Maintenance Calendar

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