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How You Benefit from Our Manual JSD Services

by Nick Moore / April 28, 2022

The size and type of your heating and cooling system impact how comfortable your Colorado home feels. How do you know you’re using or are installing the best HVAC? An experienced HVAC contractor will adhere to industry standards and make individual calculations based on your residence. Learn about the Manual JSD process that Ultimate Heating and Cooling's follows for determining the correct residential HVAC design and installation.

What Is Manual JSD?

The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) developed standards and protocols for the proper design and installation of HVAC equipment and ductwork, which are all incorporated into Manual JSD. Each letter represents a unique part of the process. Manual J is the starting point for designing residential HVAC systems with Residential Load Calculation. Manual S stands for Residential Equipment Selection. The last component is Manual D, which refers to Residential Duct Design.

Manual J: Residential Load Calculation

Manual J involves calculating how much heating and cooling BTUH is required for the HVAC unit inside a specific house. Many factors affect the calculation and need to be considered.

Sometimes, house listings do not show the entirety of the home area. Crawlspaces or unfinished basements can be overlooked but should be taken into account for an accurate home area figure. Insulation values and amount also affect the heating and cooling power needed since the efficiency of the HVAC system relies on it. Lastly, not only the quantity of rooms, but the size, placement, and orientation of them make a difference in the Manual J calculation. A south-facing kitchen and living room with large windows will need more capacity than a living room and kitchen in the north corner of the house with smaller windows, for example.

Manual S: Residential Equipment Selection

Now that the load calculation is complete, the corresponding HVAC equipment can be chosen to meet the household heating and cooling requirements. The performance of the equipment once installed is factored in this decision since elevation can degrade efficiency (among other factors).

Manual D: Residential Duct Design

Poor duct design can hamper the HVAC system’s performance just as much as a poorly sized system can. A professional duct design will help keep bills lower, ensure the system is running as designed by manufacturers, mitigate unnecessary operating noise issues, and optimize the distribution of air throughout the house.

Why Does Manual JSD Matter in Colorado?

Every residence and project is different in many ways. Location is by far the largest difference because you can build the same house in Denver and Summit County and you may need vastly different HVAC equipment to handle the load. 

Historically, no one bothered with any of these variations in residences and would typically oversize the HVAC equipment as a result. A generic process was used to determine the HVAC system design that was the equivalent of guessing the time of the day based on the location of the sun. That answer depends on where you are in the world, and it’s no different with HVAC. Oversized heating isn’t the worst thing, but it may result in unnecessarily expensive bills and inefficiently designed systems. Inefficient HVAC designs can lead to short cycling, which in turn causes a reduction in HVAC equipment lifespan. The efficiency of your HVAC system and its performance rely on Manual JSD. 

Cooling is an even more important thing to size properly since oversized cooling equipment has the potential to create high levels of moisture in the ductwork and/or the home. In severe cases, this can lead to mold growth in ducts and walls. Although humid climates typical of southern regions are more susceptible, it’s important to keep in mind here in Colorado as well.

Get the Right HVAC for Your Home with Our Manual JSD Services

With Ultimate Heating and Cooling, you don’t have to wonder if you’re getting the right HVAC equipment for your unique Colorado home. Other HVAC contractors may cut corners and use heating and cooling estimates instead of following the Manual JSD process. We believe you deserve the most comfortable and energy-efficient home possible, which means paying attention to the details. Our heating and cooling experts can quickly perform the Manual JSD process so you’re not overpaying on your energy bills or suffering from poor HVAC performance. Contact us today to ask about heating and cooling your Colorado home.

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